Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lots Happening for the Cornia's

So it has been awhile and I have a lot to post. First.......


In 5th grade the kids get to choose a state and do a written and oral report. Tyus got to do his report on Hawaii. He had so much fun researching and finding out all of the fun facts about Hawaii. He did a great job on both reports and got 100% on both. I got to go to his class and listen to his report and help him hand out his treats. The kids in his class are so cute and it was a lot of fun going into his class and seeing him interact with his friends.

Table of stuff from Hawaii

Tyus' Class

Tyus showing his class the stuff he brought from Hawaii


All 3 of the kids have been involved in sports. They were all in Basketball this year and they all did great. Bailey played for the 8th grade Middle School Team. They had a rough start and she was a little frustrated but they ended up getting it together and ending the season on top. Tyus played on two teams this year, the Rich Little League and also a Rich 5th grade traveling team. Both of his teams were very competitive and did very well. Peyton did Little League but just went to a fundamentals class every Saturday. He did well with it and is excited that he gets to be part of a team next year. He is a good little ball player and is excited to play in REAL games.

Bailey bringing the ball down the court

(Obviously I'm not great at taking pictures and I can't find any of Tyus or Peyton. OOPS!!!)

The Boys also wrestled this year and did well when we went to meets. Peyton really likes the sport and was excited to get a metal after wrestling. Tyus likes wrestling too but doesn't get into as much as Peyton.

Peyton getting ready to wrestle

Peyton Wrestling

Tyus getting ready to wrestle

Tyus Wrestling


Bailey has been in braces for a little over a year. She just recently got them taken off and her teeth look great. We are very pleased with the job Dr. Brown did on her teeth. Bailey is HAPPY that she has nice white teeth again!!!

Before getting braces off
(I need to find the after picture)


We have had Ollie for 10 years. My kids really don't know life without him. He was 12 years old and really showing his age. He got attacked by a couple of dogs about 6 months ago and he never really did recover from it. He had been going down heel and we worried that he wouldn't make it through the winter. He got to where he could barley stand or walk and when he did he looked like he was drunk. It got really hard to watch him so we decided that we would need to put him down so that he wouldn't have to suffer anymore. It was really hard for the kids and even harder for me to watch how sad my kids were. The only thing that made it better was to know that he was in a better place and not suffering anymore. I just can't believe how attached you get to animals. He was like one of our family members.


The boys with Ollie the night before we put him down