Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lots Happening for the Cornia's

So it has been awhile and I have a lot to post. First.......


In 5th grade the kids get to choose a state and do a written and oral report. Tyus got to do his report on Hawaii. He had so much fun researching and finding out all of the fun facts about Hawaii. He did a great job on both reports and got 100% on both. I got to go to his class and listen to his report and help him hand out his treats. The kids in his class are so cute and it was a lot of fun going into his class and seeing him interact with his friends.

Table of stuff from Hawaii

Tyus' Class

Tyus showing his class the stuff he brought from Hawaii


All 3 of the kids have been involved in sports. They were all in Basketball this year and they all did great. Bailey played for the 8th grade Middle School Team. They had a rough start and she was a little frustrated but they ended up getting it together and ending the season on top. Tyus played on two teams this year, the Rich Little League and also a Rich 5th grade traveling team. Both of his teams were very competitive and did very well. Peyton did Little League but just went to a fundamentals class every Saturday. He did well with it and is excited that he gets to be part of a team next year. He is a good little ball player and is excited to play in REAL games.

Bailey bringing the ball down the court

(Obviously I'm not great at taking pictures and I can't find any of Tyus or Peyton. OOPS!!!)

The Boys also wrestled this year and did well when we went to meets. Peyton really likes the sport and was excited to get a metal after wrestling. Tyus likes wrestling too but doesn't get into as much as Peyton.

Peyton getting ready to wrestle

Peyton Wrestling

Tyus getting ready to wrestle

Tyus Wrestling


Bailey has been in braces for a little over a year. She just recently got them taken off and her teeth look great. We are very pleased with the job Dr. Brown did on her teeth. Bailey is HAPPY that she has nice white teeth again!!!

Before getting braces off
(I need to find the after picture)


We have had Ollie for 10 years. My kids really don't know life without him. He was 12 years old and really showing his age. He got attacked by a couple of dogs about 6 months ago and he never really did recover from it. He had been going down heel and we worried that he wouldn't make it through the winter. He got to where he could barley stand or walk and when he did he looked like he was drunk. It got really hard to watch him so we decided that we would need to put him down so that he wouldn't have to suffer anymore. It was really hard for the kids and even harder for me to watch how sad my kids were. The only thing that made it better was to know that he was in a better place and not suffering anymore. I just can't believe how attached you get to animals. He was like one of our family members.


The boys with Ollie the night before we put him down

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bailey's Good News !!! :) :)

So about 2 years ago we found out that Bailey had Scoliosis. I had heard the word Scoliosis but didn't really know much about it or how it could affect you. After finding out that she had it, we would go to her Doctor so that they could monitor whether it was getting worse or staying the same. About a year ago we decided that it was get bad enough that the Dr. Merkley (her Doctor) decided that we needed to see a specialist at Primary Children's. He referred us to an amazing Doctor and we are so thankful to have been referred to such a wonderful guy. Dr. Klatt at Primary Children's has been doing everything he can to keep Bailey from having to have surgery. After 8 months in a Back Brace for 18 hours a day, Physical Therapy, a sore back at times, a few tears and a few laughs so we don't see tears, Bailey found out that all of her hard work and dedication payed off and her back is getting better. She was so EXCITED!!!! She is still not out of the woods completely but Dr. Klatt said that their is only about a 15% chance that it will get worse and she will need surgery. She will still wear her brace at nights for a few more months and then we will just hope and pray that she won't have problems anymore.

This is an X-Ray of Baileys Spine that was taken about a year ago. She had a curve that is 37 degrees. At her last appointment on Monday it was corrected to 34 degrees. Still not perfect by any means but better. They do surgery on anything at 40 degrees or higher so she got pretty close to just having to have surgery and not even trying the brace.

This is the Back Brace that she had had to wear for 18 hours a day. She actually did really well with it and for as bad as she hated it she really didn't complain to much. She is a very determined girl and that characteristic helped her in this hard trial she was faced with.

Strapping the brace on Bailey. She had to lay a certain way and have her head turned to the right, left arm above her head and right arm to her side every time she put it on. It was quite the process!!!

This is the back view of when the brace was on. She wouldn't let me take a picture of the front view.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas Activities 2011

Christmas time is always my favorite time of the year. I love the everything about it and so do my kids. They were all very excited this year and we all loved getting ready for the festivities.

Tyus and Peyton were in the school play at their school and also in the church. Both programs were so cute and they both did really well.

Peyton and his class at the School Christmas Program
(This picture didn't turn out very good and I guess I didn't get one of Tyus' class. OOPS!!)
Tyus got to play Santa Clause at the Ward Christmas Eve Program. He did such a great job and Grandma Tracy did an excellent job making him the cutest Santa Clause ever!!

Peyton was a Robot at the Ward Christmas Eve Program

Chad's family had a Christmas party on the 23rd of December. I was a lot of fun having his whole family together. We had dinner and exchanged gifts. Then we all just enjoyed each others company and the kids all had fun playing. We also got to have Chad's mom come stay with us on Christmas Eve this year. She stayed the night and got to spend Christmas morning with us. It was a lot of fun having her and I think she enjoyed herself too. We went up to my mom and dad's house Christmas afternoon and spent the rest of the day with my family. We had our traditional Christmas Lunch of Sub Sandwiches, Salads, Dad's Famous Fudge and a lot of other yummy goodies. The kids had fun playing "the present game" and opening their gifts from grandpa and grandma. We had a great Christmas and hated to see it go by so fast.

Bailey waiting to open her presents from Santa Clause on Christmas Morning

Tyus has his first present ready to open

Peyton also patiently waiting until it is his turn to open a gift
(We usually start with the youngest first but this year we decided to start with the oldest so he had to wait until last to open a gift. He was so patient and didn't mind at all that his sister and brother got to go before him)

As you can see they all got spoiled and had a great Christmas. They got most everything they asked for and probably even a little more. We hope everyone had as great of a Holiday Season as we did and hope that 2012 treats us as good as 2011 did.

Tyus Turns 11

I can't believe how time flies!! Tyus turned 11 a couple of days before Christmas. He is growing up so fast. I wish that I could just slow time down a little, but I know I can't so I will just enjoy every second I have with him and my other 2 kids. We are very proud of Tyus. He is growing into such a great young man!!

For those of you who know our family, you will know that we are BIG Denver Bronco fans!! Chad has been a huge fan since he was a little boy and now he gets to share his love of them with his family. As much as we all like them..... Tyus seems to love them about as much as his dad. He has a Bronco bedroom, Bronco clothes, Bronco footballs and it goes on and on. This year for his birthday he asked for a Tim Tebow Fathead and a Denver Bronco Cake.

He pretty much asked for a Denver Bronco Birthday and that is what he got!!

These are the 2 cakes that one of my friends and I made for him
(I was a little nervous about the Bronco head turning out so I made the football one as a back up, but thanks to a really good friend of mine, Casey Gibson, she pulled it off)

Make a wish!!!

Opening Presents

Proud to be a Bronco Fan!!

Tyus posing with his Tim Tebow Fathead that he got for his birthday
It goes very well with his bedroom decor..... ALL DENVER BRONCOS

Monday, January 2, 2012

Family Pictures

We finally decided to get our family pictures taken again after a few years. Everyone cooperated very well and we got a lot of great pictures. These are just a few of the many that were taken. I think they turned out really well. I just can't believe how our little family has grown!!


Bailey age 13

Tyus age 11

Peyton age 7

After 16 years and we are still as in love as the day we got married!! :)

Oh how I LOVE these little guys!!
Daddies Girl !!
(LOVE this picture)

These boys want to grow up to be just like their Dad

Fun Times!!

The 3 cutest kids ever

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blog Slacker

So I know that I have been a blog slacker. I have thought about doing it, but I just haven't. So I finally got the rest of 2010 done. I know it isn't to interesting now, but I hope to make it into a book some day so that is why I decided to update it a month late. Sorry blog followers!!!!

CHRISTMAS 2010......

We had a lot of fun activities and family parties this year for Christmas. We got to see Santa Clause a couple of times and we just enjoyed each other in all of the festivities. We usually go, go, go and Christmas seems to fly by in the blink of an eye. This year it did go really fast, but we decided that we wanted to slow down a little bit and just enjoy a little more. We stayed home all day on Christmas Day this year and it was so nice just being lazy and letting the kids enjoy their gifts.

Erickson Family Christmas Party....
We usually go to my parents house on Christmas Day and we have our Christmas party that day, but this year they were leaving for India to visit Alan and Kerri on the day after Christmas. We all felt like they needed to be getting ready for their trip and we also decided that it would be nice to just stay home on Christmas. We had our Erickson Christmas party the week before at the bowling ally. We had a lot of fun!!!!

Bailey and Ruby

Tyus and Megan waiting their turn to bowl
(Tyus still feeling a little down from his sledding accident a couple days before)

Peyton getting ready to bowl

Chase, Katie's youngest, entertaining himself in the lockers while we bowl.
What a Character!!!!

Cornia Christmas Party.......
This year was the first year for the Cornia Christmas party. We had it at the town hall and all of Chad's Grandpa, Grandma, Aunts, Uncles and all of his Cousins were there. I am guessing close to 80 or so people were there. We had a lot of fun and hope that this tradition will stick. We ate dinner, played bingo, decorated sugar cookies and had Santa Clause come. (They also went sledding earlier in the day, but we skipped out on that because Tyus had just had surgery after his sledding accident. We didn't really want to go back to the ER with another one of our kids. Maybe next year we will go to the sledding activity)

Bailey telling Santa Clause what she wants for Christmas

Tyus getting a present from Santa

Peyton excited to see what Santa brought him

Peyton and Tyus' School Christmas Program......
Again we went to the kid's School Christmas Program. They sing lots of Christmas songs and they all do so good. Our kids go to school with a great group of kids.

Tyus' 4th grade class

Peyton's 1st grade class

Christmas Eve.....
We spent Christmas Eve at our house, but with Chad's mom and his brothers, sister and their families. We had brunch and then opened presents. The kids went out and played in the snow and had a blast. I am so glad that we had our little get together that day. It helped the day go a little faster and kept the kids entertained. I didn't even get one picture of the day so I can't post any. SORRY!!!

Christmas Morning.....
Santa Clause found up once again. The kids were really excited about Christmas and it makes it so fun for us as parents when they get so excited. We got a wii this year and that has been a lot of fun. Bailey got an ipod touch, clothes, boots ect... Tyus got a remote control car, mind flex, and a lot of other things.... Peyton got the Toy Story Characters, a remote control car, and stinky the garbage truck. They are spoiled and had a great Christmas.

The presents

Bailey and Peyton find their gifts

Tyus patiently waiting to open presents

As you can see we had a great holiday season this year. I love this time of year and hate to see it go so fast. We do look forward to a new year and new adventures that will come with it.